“Frayed wires cause fires!” Have you ever heard that saying? This is just one of the many potential safety hazards that are lurking around each of your appliances. In addition, it’s important to keep electrical appliances away from water sources or wet floors and counters. Never overload wall sockets or extension cords. Make sure that you have good space around electrical appliances that have vents that emit heat or smoke. Keep clothes and curtains at least three feet away from all heaters.

These are just a small handful of the many safety hazards that InterNACHI inspectors are trained to identify. We’re required to pass rigorous safety tests and we are knowledgeable in the ways that you can reduce the likelihood of electrocution or other appliance-related hazards. Even if you don’t hire us, it’s important to regularly inspect all the appliances in your house for potential safety hazards, and repair or replace them as soon as possible after identifying issues.

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