In many countries, “PPE”, or Personal Protective Equipment, has been a hot topic during this pandemic. Now, though, as vaccines are being distributed and mask mandates are removed, some may think that PPE is a thing of the past. However, PPE was here for quite a while before the pandemic, and will likely be around for a very long time. That’s because Personal Protective Equipment includes nearly everything that can be used to protect yourself from safety hazards. PPE includes safety glasses, gloves, knee pads, hard hats, and much, much more.

However, you may be thinking: “sure, PPE is important for factory workers or building contractors, but I don’t need to worry about it.” Well, if you stop to think about it, there are plenty of activities around the house that you as a property owner care for that could prove to be a safety hazard, and wearing PPE can help protect you from those hazards, and may even save your life.

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