Engineered wood flooring is now becoming one of the most common floorings in consumers homes these days. Why is this so, and is it for you?

Well for starters, any type of engineered wood flooring is any type of wood flooring that is not solid wood. For instance, plywood is considered to be the first type of engineered flooring, but since the creation of OSB (or Oriented Strand Board) engineered flooring, it is cheaper to produce, maintain, and install in large quantities than normal plywood would be. Another advantage of this type of flooring is that building codes do recognize the use of this flooring.

Also, OSB can be created into not only flooring materials, but roofing, siding, and sheathing as well. Due to the many available options and uses from the OSB, contractors will most likely use OSB for flooring or for roofing, however. Interestingly enough, this type of wood can be mass produced, not only using less natural resources to do so but also have a consistent scratch resistant quality from panel to panel.

All in all, engineered hardwood flooring would be an excellent choice for your house due to its scratch-resistant qualities and inexpensive cost.

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